Friday, January 20, 2006

Vol. 1, No. 3, February 2006


February is the month for the hearts.
This month we feature the works of Cirilo Castillon, Edna L. Faral, Janice Viloria, Angelo B. Anceta, Cris Ocampo, and Melchor F. Cichon.

Incidentally, this month is also the birth month of Edna Romulo Laurente Faral, one of our active contributors, and Angelo B. Ancheta, our guest poet.

Edna’s favorite flower is Sunflower, hence her cyber name: SunflowR.

I was wondering what is there in sunflower. From the internet I learned that Sunflower is a symbol of Peace.

Edna or SunflowR was born in Batan, and since her younger days, she has been active in folk dancing.

But Edna is not only a dancer par excellence, she is also an Aklanon poet to watch.

Before going to the other haiku of Edna, let me reprint here with some additions my short analysis of one of her haiku:

Reaching For A Friend
by Edna Romulo Laurente Faral

twilight –
sunflower reaches heaven
where tulip sleeps

I like this particular poem simply because it speaks of friendship, of peace, and of loyalty.

Sunflower is a symbol of Peace.

This is Edna, the peace maker.

And a person with a big heart.

Looking at the poem, we can see that despite the closing of the day, the persona is still looking for her friend, regardless of whether this person is within her class or not.

It is a known fact that Edna has been doing a volunteer work to the least fortunate individuals in the state where she resides.

On the literary part, we can see that Edna uses simple, concrete, and very forceful words.

In short, this is what we call the economy of words.

Also, look at how she uses the letter s. There is music in the poem. This poem is like crystal water that runs in a sandy lake.

But it is not as clear as we think it is. There is something that is hidden between the lines of this poem.

What that something hidden, try to discover it. This is a kind of haiku that has a tier of meanings.

I wish Edna good luck and I hope our friends will also write more poetry of this kind.

Now, let us look at some of her recent haiku:


Yelo sa Florida

sa punta
it mahabang daean

Rosas Nga Buskad

rosas nga buskad
daea mo –
sakit ko naduea

Makusog Nga Hilamon

hilamon sa kurae
indi pagdutlan
maski talibong

First Blush

under a candle light –
lips snatch a kiss
the rose blushes

This month we also feature ourselves:


Bag-ong Dag-on

Bag-ng Dag-on—
ginaagubayan it bana
ra hilong nga asawa

Pagguwa't Mga Bituon

pagguwa't mga bituon—
gainisak ro mga isiw't manok
sa idaeo't baeay

Between Two Blue Mountains

between two blue mountains
a lone fisherman
in the sea

Tabtabon Naton Ro Mga Hilamon

tabtabon naton ro mga hilamon
sa kurae it Akean


pabay-i ro alimango
mag-eangoy-eangoy sa Akean

Sa Kisiw

maambon nga agahon—
gabitaybitay ro amo
sa kisiw


gatunod ro buean—
may habatian akong hibayag
halin sa Tawaya


Bangon eon

Bangon eon
Pila gid ro tueog
It tawong may buot?


New Year's Resolution

My New Year's resolution:
Never to make
Any New Year's Resolution


ro isdang
hidawi gid sa ba-ba.

Kun owa it suea
Manaog sa suba
Ag manongya

Ihueog ro bintoe
Pag hueag it bunot
Alimangong mabahoe


Ro makasueod
Inde makaguwa


Pagpuka it isda
Agod madali hidakpan


I hate lies—
Red, white,
Or blue.


Abo ro


No clue—
In space


Once lost
Get a new one


Life is so short
It ends
When you’re having fun!


I am free to fly
In the cage
Of bondage


I am free to live
In the cage
Of poverty


I am free to behave
In the cage
Of ethics


My life is like a lighted candle
but full of tears.




Easy to tell
Easy to remember
Easy to understand
. . . no need to justify.


My Mind, All Minds

My mind, all minds, what have you done to my body and soul?
You rule me with your supremacy and power--without pity, without mercy,
You make me like a slave--bound to follow your desire,
You ruthless mind--you give me no choice.

Why did you make me hate the things I have,
And focus my desires on the things that I don't have?
You create in me a covetous heart—
Envious and jealous of the things that others have.

Why did you force me to acquire more wealth,
Power and prestige that I really don't need;
To do forced labor and go against my will,
And set up a standard that I cannot fill?

My mind, all minds, why are you keeping me awake?
I do need some rest, I do need some sleep;
Why did you trouble me to conquer love, attention and praises;
And once conquered, they are just useless?

My mind, all minds, I only have a short life to live,
All the things you're dying for can't be taken to my grave;
All I need is a small space and some air for me to breath;
Will you make me happy? Will you make me free?

My Own Freewill

Oh, how I long to do my own freewill.
To love, to give, and to show my inner feeling,
Not forced, not expected, neither because it is wanted.
Nor it is my duty, nor my responsibility;
But only because it is my own freewill.

Oh, how I long to do my own freewill,
To cry, to laugh, to shout, to smile,
To run, to jump, to sing, to wink my eye;
not because it's appropriate; not because it's on the script;
But only because it is my own freewill.

I am not a robot; I am not an actor;
I am not a cuckoo clock that sounds at a given set of time;
I am me, different than he, different than they,
With flesh and blood who longs to do my own freewill.

Oh, God, My God; You are the only One Who understands;
With all Your power, with all Your might,
You don't forsake me, You don't twist my arms;
You have patiently waited on my doorstep;
Until I let You in, to dine with me, in my own freewill.

One's Courage

One man with courage
makes a majority. --unknown

and justice

Are all
what people desire

Have courage
to stand in defiance
To treatment not like one

Though alone
be firm
In defense

for humankind.

My People

Filipinos are worth dying for. –Benigno Aquino, Jr.

but poor

but taken advantage of

and abused

yet hopeful
and worth dying for.

Swallow Me

The best of us must sometimes
Eat our words. –J. K. Rowling

Proud like a peacock
Spreading its wings
To be admired

Look at me!
Better than him
Better than they

Not knowing
Somebody out there
Still better than me

. . . the best of us
must sometimes
swallow our pride.


The Secret of Green

Pine trees
Tamed by the wind
Beneath the great blue sky
Home for the birds and the squirrels
Smell green.

Your Smile

Your smile
like a rare gem
I cannot understand
when given to others, I am


Take A Hike

Your eyes
wander a lot
I want to kick your butt
on the place where it really hurts.



Is being

Is abundant
In uncivilized world

There is no freedom
The law

The freedom we know
Is to follow or no

Skill Center Scoop, June 1997

The Argument

The test of a man or woman’s breeding
is how they behave in an argument.

In the battle of words,
Called argument,
What comes first,
The egg or the chicken?

This bottle of wine,
Half-full or half-empty?
Where did we come from,
Created or evolved from the monkey?

In whatever argument,
On what side you stand,
Carry it out with poise and intellect,
Get hold of your hands.

So your opponent will not say,
You are an egghead,
With the breeding of a monkey.


America is an enormous frosted cupcake in the
middle of millions of starving people.

Starvation among people, among nations
Ruled by dictatorships and corruptions
Governments keep money for themselves
And leave their people all alone.

Their people run by millions,
Trying to escape the bullets and deaths
Wrap up their properties, to carry on their heads,
And run away from uncertainties.

No food to feed them, no water to drink
No medicine to heal their wounds
Their skin touches their bones,
They die along the way from starvation.

Be thankful therefore, America:
For you are not only an enormous frosted cupcake,
But also a sizzling juicy choice cut steak
Amidst millions of starving people.

You may not die of starvation for sure,
But you may die of being overfed.

Dali Kita, Dali
Dali, tabtabon naton ro mga hilamon sa kurae it Akean. --Maeara

Mga Akeanon
Maghinugay kita't duhong
Kun inde kita mag hueag
Mamatay kita sa gutom.

Mapi-ot, magamo
Ro atong palibot
Masakit man sa mata
Kun atong pamantawon.

Sadyaan do mahawan
Maalwan sa pamantawan
Mag tanum kita't daehog
Mabusog pa ro tiyan.

Dali kita, dali
Tabtabon ro hilamon
Ag islan it daehog
Agod may maka-on.


Empty Page: Just Another Day

It was just another day.
Hours passed
In searched for words to weave
To pour the sentiments of the heart.
Tears fell. . .
. . .Tired
. . .Sleepy

Leaving the page
Wet . . .


I am tired
handsome. --




pirot eon ang mata
12 oras nga trinabaho
owa man it nag bag-o

Bag-ong Dag-on

bag-ong dag-on
bag-ong pangabuhi
bag-ong kasubo.


sa manabaw nga sapa.


Our guest poet in this issue is a half-Iloko and half-Aklanon. Born in Pasay City on February 19, 1971 from an Ilocos Region father and an Aklanon mother, his poems and essays have been published in journals like Mojo’s Almanac and Ducts: Journal of Personal Stories, both US-Based. Locally, his article and poems have appeared in the Philippine Graphic, Philippine Star, Panorama, Homelife magazine and Real Pinoy Magazine. Online, his poems have appeared in MAKATA Journal of Contemporary Poetry (edited by Sonny Villafania), TBloc: Poetry (edited by Jose Jason Chancoco) and INQ7.Net.


Ilapat mo sa awit,
damdaming bitbit-bitbit.
Tulad ng mandaragit,
gumala ka sa langit.

Ilang beses si Hesus
ipinapako sa krus?
Dugo nyang umaaagos
upang tayo'y matubos.


going to Chinatown
i join friends
watching the dragon dance
driving bad luck
away from me

Janice is a 4th year AB Literature student of the University of the Philippines in the Visayas, Miag-ao, Iloilo. She is a beauty from Mandong, Batan, Aklan.

Ang Pagtatagpo

Sa maliit na silid ako'y hindi nag-iisa
Nararamdaman ko sa bawat sulok ng aking mata
Ikaw ay nakakubli sa madilim na bahagi
Marahan kong pinatay ang ilaw
Kasabay ng pagkalat ng dilim
Ang marahan mong paglapit
Naramdaman ko ang iyong pagdampi sa aking pisngi
Sa bawat minutong ako'y malingat
Isang pagkakataong para sa iyo'y
Masipsip ang aking balat
Hindi kita masaway at sa halip
Sa aking tenga ikaw ay bumubulong
Ng mga bagay na kailanma'y di ko maunawaan
Hindi ako gumalaw at ikaw ay hinayaan
At nang maramdaman kong abot-kamay na kita
Isa, dalawa, tatlo--
Sa wakas patay kang lamok ka.

(First published in HomeLife Magazine, December 2005)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Vol. 1, No. 2, January 2006

Happy New Year to all.

This year, we are lucky to have more fresh haiku.

The following poems were culled from the December 2005 postings in Haiku in Akeanon thread in this website:

We are also lucky to have discovered an Aklanon who has won a Palanca. His name is Perry Mangilaya.

Let us hear from Perry himself:

hara ro akon nga literary background:
editorial staff ng liwayway magasin since 1997 hasta makaron ag katulong nga editor ng liwayway magasin.
napasama ang kuwentong 'Aswang' sa 'Mga Piling Kuwento', isang anthology ng short story.
nanalo ng 3rd prize sa palanca awards nitong 2005 sa short story for children. (filipino)
ang mga kuwento ko ay nalathala sa liwayway magasin.
nakapagdalo na rin ng workshop for short story writing.
orient sa tagalog at gusto kong matutuhan ang lengguwahe ng akeanon. iba kasi ro oral sa written, di ba.
taga bagacay, ibajay gali ako ag 30 years old.

Also we are so lucky to have discovered one of the oldest Akeanon poems (see below)

Prof. John Barrios, our co-editor, has just published a book of Aklanon short stories. This is the first anthology of Aklanon short stories. The title of his book is: Engkan(aw)o ag iba nga tag-ud nga istorya published by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, 2005.

The last but not the least, we are so lucky to have a guest poet in this issue. His works have been published in Simply Haiku and in Heron's Nest, both international known websites. He is the editor of Makata. His name: Santiago Villafania.


The following poem is one of the oldest Akeanon poems. Written by an unknown Aklanon poet, its original is in Akeanon ancient writing system and was said to have been written on hardwood (amaga). Its modern Akeanon version was done by Apolinar Orbista, Sr.

Let me quote the explanation of Fiorella I. Nabor on this poem in her article: “An Inquiry into the Ancient Inakeanon Writing System,” Silliman Journal, Ist Quarter, 1968, pp. 54-86.

The “song of Balinganga”

Other than the syllabary itself, the most antiquated sample of Old Inakeanon writing that we have so far is the 1911 reproduction made by Capitan Juan Orbista of the 1725 Moysing reproduction of the 1568 Kabanyag reproduction of the original “Song of Balinganga.” According to tradition, the original and the rest of its copies were written on hardwood (amaga) tablets. The Juan Orbista reproduction was submitted by Apolinar Orbista, Sr., eldest son of the former, to the chairman of the Aklaniana Research Society in appropriate ceremonies held at the Aklan College Auditorium in 1962.

In his manuscript, Orbista (the elder) explains that his reproduction is but a hokwa or a copy of a writing which goes back to Balinganga, The Orbista Ms. contains a number of other songs and poems in Inakeanon writing, It also contains Orbista’s transcription of the famous Code of Kalantiaw from the original syllabic writing system into contemporary Inakeanon graphics.”

The following modern Inakeanon version was done by Juan Orbista

Hambae Inakeanon


Hambae Inakeanon
Manat saeaysayon
Hanongod sa dato,
Nga si Bangkaay,
Ag anang asawa,
Imaw si Katorong,
Kat sanda nga daywa
Mga bataon pa.


Sanda hay nagkita
Sa sangka daeanon,
Daeagang malangya
Miron nga dongganon:
Ag sanglit gaoy eon
Rato nga daeaga,
Pomaeapit dayon
Datong miron kana.


Singpit nat dayon
Nga kana omaba,
Agod di gaoyon,
Makapahoway pa.
Dayon na nga abhon
Ay mana eat opa,
Kono, kabog-at na
Kato nga daeaga.


Naghinadya dayon
Miron ag daeaga:
Nagpanaw sa nayon
Kon tawgon Tawaya
Nag-abot panag-on
Sanda nag-asawa,
Nagin malipayon
Pangabohi nanda.

Cirilo Castillon, Jr.

Paskwa ni Toryo

Matsa perming may kueang...
basi matapus man da
pero, hin-uno?

Sinana Ku Nurse

Sinana ku Nurse,
“It needs more patience
to deal with patient.”

A Dew

a dew
on a whisky colored rose
honey to the lips

Scent of A Rose

scent of a rose
brings memories
of my youth

Cris Ocampo

Eusaw nga Yelo ag Euha

mintras ginatan-aw ko
ro mga nagakaeosaw nga yelo
rang euha nagatueo

Masubo nga Paskwa

naga uean it yelo
masubo eoman ako
dahil sa kahidlaw kimo

Nagtaliwan Nga Paskwa

Hay saeamat
ay nagtaliwan eon
ro isaeang masubo nga paskwa

Kada Paskwa

kada Paskwa
nagatueo ang euha
kon hidumduman ka


kilat nga mataeom
nagadagundong nga daeugdug
inigo ro niyog


nageukso ro isda
sa tangke nga manaba
nagtamsak ro tubi


isdang nagapisik
tubing nagatamsik
sa kabaskog it humbak


ro engkantada kahulid ko
sa mabahoe nga palasyo—
namueaw-mueawan malang gali ako!


ro bueawan
sa mainit nga kaeayo

Kahidlaw ag Pagnu-oe

nagabarlak nga euha
gatueo sang mata
kon hidumduman ka

Haagyan nga Daean

mahumok nga eapok
eutay nga madanlog
rang haagyan pailawod


managob nga gabii
nagapanago nga buean
manug-guwa ru tun-og

Madaeom nga Suba

madaeom nga suba
ginsaeom ni kaka
matambok nga tilapia


madanlog nga daean
mapilit nga eapok
madaeom nga gabot


nag-eopad inapok
nagdapo sa gumamila

Magae-om nga Tyempo

magae-um ro eangit
maeamig nga hangin
nagahuyop sang uyahon

Jose Jay Feliciano

Anwang Ni Tata Goloy

anwang ni Tata-Goloy
naga-igod kon pumanaw
sa mabug-at nga kangga

Sakay Kamo

sakay kamo
sa kangga ni Tata-Goloy

Maisog Nga Baye

kada-dominggo't agahon
ginamesahan imaw
ku maisog nga baye


ginashampohan it sanggol
ra ueong kalbo

Losally Gwapa

Losally Gwapa
gwapa sumueat it haiku


pagbugtaw sa agahon
mawaswas it kapangeagas nga sermon


eugbanan ni lolo
sa anang kwartong marmol

Litrato Ni Tatay

litrato ni tatay
sa dingding nga bato


sang siki
sa hospital
sang siki sa sementeryo


Tag-init man
o tag uean
utok ay natunaw


owat katapusang

Sa Gihapon

sa gihapon, butas ro buesa


tagipusuon ko
init sa imong gugma

Tata Goloy

Tata Goloy--
maski bugo’t anang kapamilya


agahon pa
gadeliber eo’t kalipay


singsing bueawan
ginasuksok it tudlong

Sa Alaska

sa Alaska
ro adlaw nagyelo
sa maeamig nga hangin


Alaska --
ro buean nagdueom
sa yelong mahayag


ko gid
ro yelong madamoe

Iya, Idto

pala iya
pala idto
yelong bukid


sa eamig Alaska
kumita eang it dolyares

Edna Laurente Faral

Yelo sa Florida

sa punta
it mahabang daean


ginpaagi sa rosas
ro matam-is nga haru
kang bibig


it rosas
rang bibig

Anwang ni Tata_Goloy

pagtunod it adlaw –
ro anwang ni Tata_Goloy
nagpahuway sa eunang


dughan ko
sa pamisaea mo

Aching Heart

as the sun sets –
a tear falls
from my heart


Christmas –
children gather
in God's presence

Pain In My Heart

agony howling behind hospital nooks
piercing thousands needles
in my heart
(during Concon's freak accident)

Singhana Ako

isinggit ko?
sige, singhana ako


inanod it
mabaskog nga humbak
ro handumanan naton

May Sueat Pa?

may sueat pa baea
nga maabot
sa gahapay nga mailbox?

Hin-uno pa?

ginahuyap ko
ro adlaw
sa paghueat kimo


gabii –
euha gatueo
halin sa dughan


ginhorma pagkaunga
inapok it hangin


Christmas –
unga masadya
kaibahan si Jesus

Losally Navarro


ro kueang nga nota
para mahuman rang composo


a kaleidoscope
of spices!

Adlaw it Paskwa

adlaw it Paskwa---
mabaskog pa sa bagting
ro tunog ku anang tyan

Kangga ni Tata Goloy

ro kangga
ni Tata Goloy
suki it mga Akeanon.


Malieon, masakay
sa kangga
matukad kita sa Manduyog


ginaeugmok sa eonang.

Katapusan It Buean

katapusan it buean--
suea nana
bukon eon it ibis.

Gustong Higtan

gusto kitang
dakpon ag higtan
ugaling utod ro eobid

Maputing Eaki

kada Byernes
ginaduaw imaw
it eaking maputi


kaparis it cherry blossom
ginasuy-aw it alibangbang


sa paghinueat it sueat
ro mailbox

Maeapad Nga Eawod

maeapad nga eawod
sa atong paghigugma


pagtunod it adlaw
nag bye bye
si tatay sa anwang


gahabi it pamisea
si nanay
(for mom sally,my grade 2 ma'am)


siyam nga buean
naghueat ing nanay
sa pag-abot mo


sa puno it eangka

Melchor F. Cichon

Bisperas It Bag-ong Dag-on

Bisperas It Bag-ong Dag-on—
makabueongoe nga tunog
it sterio ku kaingod

First World Pyro Olympics, Manila, 2005

the world's eyes
focus on the Philippine skies—
First World Pyro Olympics, 2005

Noche Viena 2005

ginapamatian ko ro tunog
ku tueo't tubi sa baso

Ro Pihak Ku Paskwa

puno't hamon, mansanas, ibos
Fundador ro lamesa –
pero sa pihak ka't kalibutan


Inay, piniinuhon mo eon lang
nga iya si Tatay sa euyo mo

Pakwa 2005

Paskwa 2005—
Gaeutaw-eutaw ro Sampaguita
sa lagon it Taj Mahal

Kon Paskwa
(Para kay beeSPUNKY)

may init
ro Paskwa
kon kaiping si Taj Mahal

After Christmas Day

morning after Christmas—
the streets rest
from footprints

The Meeting
(For Losally Navarro)

December 2005—
watch when Mayon Volcano
meets with Taj Mahal

Sampaguita's Petals

the petals of Sampaguita
at the lagoon of Taj Mahal

Ro Kahumot

ro kahumot
it rosas
ro nagpatueog kakon

After Five Years

after five years
I embrace
the giant acacia of Diliman

Ro Botong

pagbawod it botong
ro adlaw

Sa Maeara

sa Maeara
ro tagon ni Tatay
ro ginagamit ko sa pagpamunit

Sa Ibabaw It Sanggutan

ginpatik it oman
ni Tay Jose ro saeod
kon abu ra sueod

Nagkamang Ro Suksok

pagsaea ka tuba
nagkamang ro suksok
paguwa it saeod


sa saeod—
sa kada tueo it tuba
may rebolusyon

Sa Sanggutan

indi eon mabatian ni Tatay
ro huni ku kawit


nahidlaw ako
sa konserto it mga agagangis


ikaw ro uean
nga nagaharu sang bibig

Si Lolo Ag Ra Apo

Si Lolo
samtang gakungkong ka apo
gatueok sa gasaka nga adlaw

Gahapay Nga Mailbox

gintukuran ni Nonoy
ku anang tagipusuon
ro gahapay nga mailbox

At Caliraya Lake, Laguna

rainy afternoon—
the motorized boats for hire
wait at the islet banks of Caliraya Lake


ra gaidlap nga bibig
kakon nagpainit


ro tagasaw
sa handong it manok


Niya ako
sa mahumbak nga eawod

Mahugop Ako

mahugop ako
eain eang
ring ginadakop

Matabok Sa Highway

ro bayeng magueang
gatabok it isaeanhon sa highway

The next poems were written by a well-published poet from Pangasinan. His works have been published in international haiku ezines like Heron’s Nest and Simply Haiku. He is the publisher-editor of Makata, an international poetry journal.

Here are some of his works:

soft rain
a frog leaps from
one leaf to another

creeping fog
a little moonlight
crosses the river
(First published in The Heron's Nest)

white herons return
to the mangroves

after the rain
a child's hand full
of paper boats

evening drizzle
soft cooing
on the rooftops

autumn birds
arrows soaring

on the hillock –
reclining Buddha

(First appeared in the Summer 2005 issue of Simply Haiku)

Manila Bay—
exchanging glances
with a prostitute

floating in the mist
the rice paddies of
*the native name of the Rice Terraces

rising smoke
the smell of bonfire
from a distance

summer camp
a line of smoke
climbing the old trail

at the fish pond
pointing to a milkfish
for breakfast

coot or moorhen?
this forest dweller
with a rasping call

note: inspired by the discovery of the Calayan rail, a species of bird new to science found on a remote island in the northern Philippines, by a team of Filipino and UK researchers.

the crescent moon
a wreck in the clouds

senryu 1

the heart is a face
whose eyes are brighter than God's
first bright scallywag

the heart is a who
whose inmost is the cause of
man's immortal woes

senryu 2


the fallen petals
betrayed by the kiss
of summer


the happy flowers
touched by the breath
of spring
[first appeared in Haiku Hut's Short Stuff]

Santiago Villafania