Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Poems by Karen Dazo Galarneau


Green seaweed wrapper
Rice, egg and soy sauce
Roll them up, delicious feast

Treadmill Puppy

Cheerful light brown eyes
Quiet bark-less smile
My dog walks on the treadmill

By Karen Galarneau

"Ode to Mom"

The sky like a tapestry envelops the earth and twilight falls
Gazing at this silent and stark beauty
Fills me with love  and thankfulness,
For this scene painted by the Almighty
The golden glimmer of the sun
Like soft  kisses on the shimmery tides
Dancing as the waves rock, only to come back once more
The sunset in its enthralling beauty,
breathtaking, enigmatic
Reminds me of a mother’s love, a mother’s ethereal beauty
For there is no woman more beautiful,
Than one’s very own beloved mother
None fairer, none kinder, none better, nor more special
Than the lady we call “Mother”
There is no sweeter voice, no more comforting arms, no love greater
Than the love we knew from our Mother.
I can’t imagine any pain or worry or woe,
That her love could not soothe or ease
She with the magic words: “Kiss the  boo-boo!”, 
And “voila!” the pain just faded away
Mother, such a beautiful creature, such a wonderful gift
A golden tapestry woven by God, for us to treasure and love
As she reaches her sunset of years,
The silent stark beauty of the sunset reminds me evermore
That there is no woman more beautiful to me than you, Mother,
None fairer, none kinder, none better,
Nor more special than you,  O Great Lady I call – “Mommy"


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